Achieve compliance and trust with B3 Cyber

B3 Cyber's expert practitioners are specialized in a wide array of compliance frameworks and security standards, including NIST 800-53, SOC 2, CMMC 2.0 and more.

Knowledge is power

B3 Cyber’s team of seasoned experts have led multiple successful projects on various compliance frameworks. We have deep experience across multiple industries, with a proven track record in achieving compliance.

Client-centric approach

We take the time to fully understand the client’s business and identify their needs. This approach empowers clients by providing data and recommendations to make informed decisions about their business goals.

Following best practices

We value transparency in everything we do.  We follow best practices in our work and provide full visibility into our process and results.  Clients get answers faster and are able to make informed decisions to drive better outcomes for their organization.

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Providing security solutions that foster growth and trust

We think different...

At B3 Cyber, we use technology that promotes innovation and growth, increases efficiency, and accelerates customer’s success. Our goal is to understand the unique business challenges of each customer, their desired results, and provide the best approach meet those objectives while protecting your data and securing your system.

Our Team

Our team has a combined experience of more than 30 years in the government and technology industry specializing in cyber security compliance, secure data management, business operations, and program development.  B3 Cyber is well equipped to respond to each our customer’s unique requirements and growth objectives. 

B3CYBER's Mission

We evaluate, design, build, and manage customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each client, in order to achieve exceptional results


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