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NIST 800-53
DoD Risk Management Framework

What We Do

B3 Cyber maintains an agile, customer focused cybersecurity team with significant experience in NIST 800-53, Risk Management Framework and CMMC. We partner with government contractors to achieve the required maturity to successfully demonstrate CMMC compliance and to obtain certification.

We assist organizations with meeting certification requirements for NIST 800-53 and CMMC Maturity Levels 1-3.

As CMMC requirements evolve it will significantly affect how the DoD procures materials, goods, and services and the requirements for suppliers.  B3 Cyber can assist contractors by identifying compliance issues and prioritizing resources to meet objects with the following services:

Risk Management Framework


Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and controlling threats to an organization’s capital and earnings.
A successful risk management program helps an organization consider the full range of risks it faces. Risk management also examines the relationship between risks and the cascading impact they could have on an organization’s strategic goals.

Project Managment


Professional project management balances the need to deliver client projects on time and on budget, while also maintaining the company’s own profit margins. To accomplish this, project managers must be diligent during the planning phase to come up with accurate time and budget estimates and look for ways to streamline their processes to increase efficiency
Benefits include budget and timeline management, improved productivity, risk mitigation, customer satisfaction, and competitive advantage. 

Secure Data Management


Data security management involves a variety of techniques, processes and practices for keeping business data safe and inaccessible by unauthorized parties. Data security management systems focus on protecting sensitive data, like personal information or business-critical intellectual property
Data security management practices are not just about sensitive or business-critical information. Data security management practices protect you and your organization from unintentional mistakes or hackers corrupting or stealing your precious resources
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